Conclusions of 15 May 2008 Consultation Meet on “Water Management Through Integrated Planning and Regional Collaboration”

Dr. Harjit Singh Anand concluded the 15th May meeting by coming up with a strategy on how to collaborate to come up with The Habitat Plan for the Pondicherry Geographic Area (HPPGA).

The following Task forces are to be set up made up of the Chief Town Planner (CTP), Pondicherry, and appropriate members of the Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu administrations, PondyCAN, INTACH, L’avenir d’Auroville and necessary resource persons.
Task Force 1: Regional Planning
Task Force 2: Water
Task Force 3: Energy, including electricity, hydro, renewable, alternative, etc.
Task Force 4: Transportation, including MRTS
Task Force 5: Health, Education, Livelihoods (income generation), Rural and Urban poor
Task Force 6: Heritage, Conservation, Arts and Culture, Tourism
Task Force 7: Demography, Economics
Task Force 8: Environmental management and sustainability
A Component plan will have to be worked out on all these 8 issues.
In addition to setting up these task forces, the first task of the CTP, Pondicherry is to delimit the region and get back to Dr. Ananad on this by the 15th of June.
The next meeting is planned for the end of July and Dr. Karan Singh, Board member of the Auroville Foundation, will attend.

2 Responses to “Conclusions of 15 May 2008 Consultation Meet on “Water Management Through Integrated Planning and Regional Collaboration””

  1. 1 A.Jyothi Mahalingam May 28, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Dear Sir / Madam

    Good day.

    I work as Content Manager for a bi-monthly magazine WATER TODAY published from Chennai, India.

    I had the opportunity of going through your website. I read about the interesting item ‘Water Management through Integrated Planning and Regional Cooperation’.

    Our next issue is on Water Management.The discussion of your recently held meet aptly goes with the title.

    If you have a detailed writeup on the meet about the discussions, ideas and conclusions on Water Management with the photos please send it accross to us for publication. We will have it published if the writeup caters to a large section of our readers.

    Please reply.
    With warm regards

    A.Jyothi Mahalingam
    Content Manager
    3D, III floor Bhaghreetha Residency,
    125, Marshall’s Road,
    Egmore, Chennai – 600 008.
    Phone 044 42916900/906/907/909/916
    Fax : 044 42147898

  2. 2 yoomilee May 28, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    Dear A. Jyothi,

    Thank you so much for your interest. A member of PondyCAN will be in touch with you shortly with the required content. It would be wonderful to get the initiatives and recommendations from this regional consultation meet on water management out to a wider audience.

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