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PondyCAN’s Aurofilio Schiavina Interviewed on Auroville Radio

Aurofilio Schiavina, a member of PondyCAN, was interviewed by Auroville Radio on 16 May 2008 regarding the consultation meet on “Water Management Through Integrated Planning and Regional Collaboration” held at Town Hall on 15 May. Aurofilio’s comments make up the first part of the report.

A Passion for the Environment
Written by Radio Team
Friday, 16 May 2008
Dr Anand - Secretary of Ministry of Urban Development In today’s English news an interview with Aurofilio is presented; he speaks about his passion for the environment and how that gets him into various involvements.

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For a more personal interview with Aurofilio, in Italian, French and English, listen to the program below.

Eclettico Aurofilio
Written by Radio Team
Friday, 16 May 2008
Aurofilio Chi e’ nato per primo ad Auroville? In questa parte dell’intervista in italiano Aurofilio sfata la leggenda.
En Français, il nous parle de ses multiples activitées dont l’eau, la 3D et l’écologie.
And in English Aurofilio tells us about the difficulty of having so many poles of attractions and how he arrives to integrate them.
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Happy listening…