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Awareness Campaign on Thin Plastics Ban

Adirai Addresses Gathering

Plastics Ban Awareness Campaign

As enforcement approaches, the Pondicherry government initiated an awareness campaign for its planned ban on the usage of thin plastics (below 50 microns).  The event was led by the Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee with the Department of Science, Technology and Environment.  Invitees reached over 1000 persons in a packed conference hall including students, teachers and concerned citizens all listening intently to government officials in their attempt for environmental improvement and change.

Initiating the program was a young 7th standard JNV student (Adirai) taking the stage. Her poetic recital on climate change, environmental destruction and plastics enthralled the audience; she left the stage to a standing ovation.  It was a speech indicating the necessity for immediate action, and its importance for her and the future generation.  With weeks remaining on the subsequent ban, awareness needs to be spread across Pondicherry to ensure effective, adequate compliance.

By Sashti Balu